Some of Jefferey’s published work can be accessed below:

“A Simple Idea” - Parks and Rec Business (May 1, 2019) [read]

“Start the Year Strong” (e-book) - Fiverr (February 2019) [read]

“Holiday Traditions In McCall” - McCall Life (December 11, 2018) [read]

“Leaf Blower Bans” - Parks and Rec Business (December 7, 2018) [read]

“So Long, New York, It’s Been Real” - (originally published on Uptown Bourgeois March 5, 2018, curated by Medium editors April 28, 2019) [read]

“Fear of Erasure: When Black Gay Culture Is Used WITHOUT Credit” - SOULE (August 18, 2017) [read]

“How the AIDS Epidemic Changed the Gay Community Forever” - Wellfellow (June 23, 2017) [read]