“Thought provoking and funny, human and thematic - and grounded in the real life of us New Yorkers. A delight!”

-Amazon reviewer

An old soul trapped in a millennial’s body.  
“I’m sure you’re a model/blogger/designer/whatever else you can fit into your Instagram bio.  And believe me, despite my slightly snarky, sarcastic praise, I really do think that’s incredible.  But what’s not incredible is when someone claims to be all of these things and expects everyone else to do the hard work for them.”

A black, gay version of Larry David.
“Every NYC restaurant seems to have been built in someone’s living room and the tables are never more than 5 centimeters apart.  If I make any sudden movements, I end up with my elbow in someone else’s cavatelli.”

An advocate for the right to bare legs.
‘The freedom to wear shorts in unbearable heat is one that all men deserve so that we can all hold hands in bare leg equality.  Would you rather see men in shorts or soggy pants that look like soiled diapers?”

Jefferey Spivey is a fashion blogger turned legitimate writer. After founding men’s lifestyle site Uptown Bourgeois in 2014, he found digital success publishing snarky commentary about celebrity tattoos, popular fashion mistakes, and the gravitational challenges of aging.  It's Okay If You Don't Read Everything is his first personal essay collection. 

Through a series of thoughtful, reflective, and comedic essays, the author takes a deep dive into his psyche and begins to skim the surface of the black LGBT experience in America. From expressing grievances over convenience store rewards point policies to questioning the Facebook habits of gay Republicans, Spivey isn't afraid to court controversy or share strong opinions. If you're looking for a place to laugh at the ridiculousness of everyday life (or yell/cry), this is the book for you.